Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Smarty Magic: minimize HTML source size

It is possible that you can generate one line HTML source using smarty plugin which helps you to minimize page size and pretend others to properly get formatted HTML javascript code
. With the advantage of smarty cache, this is one time execution headache and this overhead will not affect from next smart->display() call.

Hide javascript code?

How do you hide your underline javascript code from A HTML page..???
If you have any solution or any Idea please share ..?
NOTE:I know there are two way to get this thing, one is through SESSION which is written as Comment by an Anonymous user which is really appreciable, but this has some programming drawback. the Best I ever found is using Ajax. It is so dynamic that you can load javascript code according demand and loads in the memory directly hiding underline javascript code. If anyone want to to view this technology you are free to mail me.